How To Get A Blueprint Of Your House

Learn why you need a deck permit and what the process is like to get one at. a permit can also come back to haunt you when it is time to sell your house.

Want to build your own home? You’ve landed on the right site! is the best place to find the perfect floor plan for you and your family. Our selection of customizable house layouts is as diverse as it is huge, and most blueprints come with free modification estimates.

The mysteries of your house are solved, and you have a roadmap for repairs and restoration. For most of us, this is only a dream. In the early 1900s and before, builders rarely drew up the kind of detailed specifications found in modern blueprints.

If you are considering a home project that requires plans of your home you might be wondering where do you go to get them. If you are lucky and your home was built in the past 15 years or so the company that built your home may have included a set of plans when you bought the house.

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If they built or commissioned the property themselves, they may have a copy of the blueprints. The original owners may also be able to direct you to their lender; if they secured a construction loan to finance the construction of the house, the original lender may also have the blueprints on file.

Begin by drawing your exterior walls in your tiny house floor plan design. Use your architectural scale and pencil, making very light lines that can easily be erased as needed. Remember that if you want to tow your tiny house on wheels without any special-use permits (wide-load), you’ll be restricted to a total exterior width of 8′ 6 at the widest point in most states.

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A re you looking to obtain copies of the approved plans of your existing house or are you wanting to buy a house and want to know what has and has not been approved by the local authority on the existing plans? This process might not be as easy as you may think and if you are unsure of where to begin, here are a few ways to obtain existing house or building plans no matter what country you.

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