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The Direct Homebuyer Soft Second Mortgage Assistance Program provides down payment and closing costs subsidies to eligible first- time homebuyers. subsidies made available to Homebuyers Bridge the gap between the purchase price of the home and the maximum first mortgage loan amount. subsidies also.

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Any financing other than the first mortgage that creates a lien against the property is considered secondary financing. Such financing is not considered a gift, even if it is a "soft" or "silent" second, or has other features forgiving the debt. Note: A "soft" or "silent" second is secondary financing with no monthly repayment.

DPA Edge: Soft Second Product Chenoa Fund is an affordable housing program administered by CBC mortgage agency (cbcma), a federally chartered governmental entity. CBCMA specializes in providing down payment assistance (DPA) for borrowers receiving a FHA insured first mortgage.

A "soft second" is a type of second, subordinate mortgage loan that is used to cover down payment and closing costs. The soft second has a deferred payment schedule in which the borrowers do not have to

The Massachusetts Housing Partnership (MHP) and other local housing groups first collaborated in 1989 to create solutions to housing issues faced by low- to moderate-income home buyers. The result of that collaboration was the Soft Second, or "SoftSecond," Loan Program, which had a two-mortgage structure.

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Repayable or Soft Second Mortgage Programs. Repayable down payment assistance programs provide the buyer with the down payment they need now so they can buy a home sooner. The funds are delivered at closing often as a 0% interest second loan, but some may accrue interest and some may be amortizing loans.

A soft second mortgage combines a subsidized second mortgage with a traditional first mortgage to make housing more affordable for low and middle income homebuyers. There are income specifications limiting who is eligible for this program. Soft second mortgages help low income buyers become homeowners.

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